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Gifts-Giftware (Includes House wares)


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Posted August 2009

Name:                  Joe  Keyser

Products:  gift and novelty, educational products, advertising products, pet supplies

  Started as a truck jobber selling gift and kids products to convenience stores in Ohio, and West Virginia. My company works hard yet also smart....
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Posted June 2009

Name:                  Tammy Johnston
Organization:          Main Street Reps, Inc.


Products:  Book publishers, children's toy & gift  general gift, card & stationery 

Join the Revolution!  

Looking for a rep group? Are you tired of sub-standard representation of your line? Are you looking for a new partner who will share your passion and enthusiasm for your products? Then look no further… 

At Main Street Reps, we represent vendor’s products to retailers throughout New England; our product lines consist of fine books, toys, gifts and stationery that complement each other in irresistible ways to maximize every sale. Main Street Reps are the next generation in rep groups; we embrace technology and train all of our reps with the professional skills and industry knowledge needed to excel. Backed with the best technology available, we have the finest sales team in New England.
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Posted June 2009

Name:                  Jeff Garb
Organization:          Jeff Garb Associates

Products:  trend, souvenir, children's, impulse, museum, toys

At JGA we are celebrating our 20th year in business.  We have a growing team of 18 full-time sales professionals servicing the gift, toy, and stationery industries throughout the northeast.  We currently sell and service over 4,000 independent specialty and chain stores..... More !

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Posted May 2009

Name:                  Sara Miller
Organization:          Snapdragon Sales Inc.

Paper i.e. Calendars, Stationery, Greeting Cards, Gifts

With over 20 years in the greeting card, stationery & gift industry, Snapdragon Sales is positioned to provide comprehensive sales in our designated geographic area. We use Brandwise so are completely computerized, sell to all major accounts in our region as well as gift shops, boutiques, pharmacies, gourmet groceries, hospitals, museum gift shops, garden gift shops, specialty stores & more.......
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Posted January 2009

Name:                  Daniel Harris
Organization:          TOLA Sales Group

Products: gifts, candles, collegiate, fudge, souvenirs, jewelry, towels, tiles, games

We are a small road-rep agency covering the TOLA region. We call on many different types of vertical markets and accounts depending on the lines we represent and the territory reps marketplace......

Posted January 2009

Name:                  Wallace Berrie
Organization:          Wallace Berrie & Co.

Products: Greeting Cards

Will your Greeting Cards make me and my customers smile and maybe bust out laughing?
Are you looking for the Sales Representative who will be making personal calls on customers every day of the week?
The Sales Rep who smiles takes inventory, organizes the racks and talks to the customer in terms of customer needs?.....
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Posted Sept. 2008 

Name:                  Michael Gruber
Organization:          Michael Gruber

Products:  Hand made,  home accessories, gift items

Looking for gift lines in New Jersey and New York City Area.
I am focused on middle to high-end giftware items.
Established lines a plus..... More !

Posted June 2008 

Name:                  Nat Gershman
Organization:          Fascinations

I present my company ... FASCINATIONS ... an enthusiastic, aggressive and exciting
sales agency that excels in the representation of gifts, licensed products, stationery
products, souvenirs and novelties as well as a variety of t-shirts, caps and related
apparel products. 
We provide coverage, on a protected basis only for the Gift & Souvenir Industry, for all
of Florida. In addition, if needed, our staff of nine professional road reps plus myself
can also provide coverage along the Gulf coast of Alabama and Mississippi as well as both
the South Central portion and the South East coast of Georgia. .....

Posted May 2008 

Name:           John Gildehaus
Organization:  Hauslock Company, Inc.

Products:  Luggage, business cases, deck accessories, specialty snacks, hook and rail

Uniquely positioned to  bring significant retail experience to clients worldwide.

Founded in 2000 by principle partner xxxxx, who spent 15 years in the Wal-Mart organization, holding positions ranging from store manager, buyer and director of replenishment. xxxxx joined with xxxxx as a partner in 2004 bringing  his  background in manufacturing, purchasing and analytical skills to Hauslock. He is a certified Marketing Analyst and is well versed in retail data environments......
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Posted April 2008 

Name:  Brian and Nancy Fine
Organization:  Fine Supplies

Products:  Gift Line, Disposable Protective Wear Line, Chemicals, Stationery, Promotion

Devoted husband and wife team covering Central/Southern Illinois and entire state of Missouri.  Many years of service related experience and former business owners, now offering our dedication in offering personalized service to our clients in finding them the supplies they need at the right price.... More !

RepSource member Number – 12767

Posted February 2008   

Products:  seasonal, candles, glass, textiles

Bowen & associates is an independent manufacturers rep agency. We strive for long term associations with both the manufacturer and the customer. We are an honest team not just collecting line but penetrating our four state market area.

RepSource member Number – 12749

Posted January 2008 

I am an independent sales rep covering deep south Texas from Corpus Christi south to the Rio Grande Valley on the border. I carry some souvenir lines for the resort areas along the coast and some general items for the gift markets inland...... RepSource member Number – 12749

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RepSource member Number – 12743

Posted December 2007 

Product:   souvenir gifts, personalized programs

I have been in the souvenir market for 23 years & working with some of the same customers. Very detail oriented, servicing my accounts on a monthly basis. Personalized programs are my favorite items to sell & service. I have sold everything from crystal to bumper stickers.
references available upon request....More !

RepSource member Number – 12738

Product:    Gifts, Home Decor, Pet gifts, Candles, Jewelry, etc

I actively travel my territory which adds to the excitement because the stores are thrilled that someone is  actually seeing them and their stores.  I can provide more details if you are interested in my abilities.... More !

RepSource member Number – 12737

Product:     glass, baskets and plush

I have been in the floral industry for over 45 years, we have owned 2 flower shops and for the last 25 years I have been selling to the floral industry. ...
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RepSource Member Number – 12727

An experienced sales professional with over a decade of experience.

Has worked for top brands such as Dole, Sunkist, and Mikasa.

Has serviced accounts such as Wal-Mart, Publix, Winn Dixie, Lowe's, Home Depot, Sears, Sam's Club, PETCO, etc.... More


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